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Auto renewal using Credits

You can add credits to your accounts and enable "Auto credit renewal" for your services of choice...

What are the E-mail settings?

Our web-servers run E-mail servers, you can find the correct values to connect using a stand-alon...

How to start E-mailing

C-panel offers E-mail capabilities, you can use this to start E-mailing through your own domain. ...

Do you provide backups?

Our servers do have JetBackup installed, and backups are taken every week, but always keep your o...

Do you provide an auto installer on Shared Hosting?

Yes, we are running “Softaculous” on our servers. This allows you to install 100+ CMS systems, li...

Do you allow remote MySQL on Shared Hosting?

Yes, we allow remote MySQL connections, just add the remote IP into the “Remote MySQL” section an...

Are your servers protected against DDoS?

Yes, our servers are protected against network layer attacks though filtering, and for Applicatio...

What web-server are you using on Shared Hosting?

We use LiteSpeed to provide lightning fast speeds on our shared hosting platform. The servers als...

Do you provide mail hosting on Shared Hosting?

Yes, we offer mail hosting, you can set-up E-mail accounts through Cpanel.

Do you provide free SSL/TLS on the Shared hosting?

Yes, we have Lets Encrypt enabled, you can generate free certificates through the Cpanel. Look fo...

Where are your servers located?

Our shared hosting servers are located in The Netherlands, near Rotterdam.

Do you provide SSH access?

On request, we can enable SSH access for your account(s). This is not enabled by default. Please ...

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