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How to start E-mailing

C-panel offers E-mail capabilities, you can use this to start E-mailing through your own domain. This guide will help you to set-up E-mail addresses.

1. Open Cpanel, you can find the link in the E-mail that you received after purchasing the hosting package.
2. On the overview, look for "E-mail Accounts", it is contained under the "Email" tab.
3. Click "Create" on the top.
4. Select your domain, and specify the name. The name will be in front of your E-mail address, for example, "name" will become [email protected].
5. Enter a password, make sure it is strong.
6. Enter the max mailbox size and click "create".
7. Now, you will be redirected to the overview, click "check mail".
8. Select your mail client, "RoundCube" is the best option, as it is the most modern.
9. You can now start sending emails.

Note: Make sure that your domain has the correct E-mail records set, or you will not receive any messages.